A little about Me :)



My name is Whitney Love, I am a clumsy…forgetful…Aquarius with no depth perception. I’m shy in that way that I’m really not at all…and hate being the center of attention. But..sometimes you just cant help yourself! I dont know what I did right to deserve all the amazing people I have in my life..but I am truly blessed. My friends have become like family to me and my actual family have made me the breed I am today…and I could never thank any of you enough! I am a single gal..a Sally who is still waiting for her Jack, but I would rather starve than eat something I dont like, if you get the picture I’m painting. I hate to be ignored, type-cast, dis-respected, passed over, or taken for granted. You will not last five seconds in my world now if you are capable of any of these..this past year has taught me so many lessons about myself..and im not the kinda girl who has to be told something TWICE. I love music…i BREATHE SCREAM AND SLEEP MUSIC!! That is definitely my number one interest. I love writing it…listening to it. Making it & Learning about it. My other loves are reading, writing, fashion, and art(Mark Ryden being my current favorite). I am drawn to anything that gives me a chance to express myself. I am a walking talking contradiction…but I think that’s part of my appeal. I am attracted to the darker side of life and anything a little abstract or obscure..i always seem to get the fuzzy end of the lollipop but I have learned to laugh about it. I prefer to be called “interesting” over pretty any day. My favorite place in the world to be is either in a moving car with me in control of the musical selection OR ground zero in a mosh pit at a show of my choosing..there is nothing in the world that gives me a bigger rush than the bright lights,THUNDEROUS base line, and hundreds of moderatly angry sweaty bodies runnnig into each other violently all in the name of good fun:) I am girly in the sense that I love shopping, make-up, getting my nails done and that fluff…but I also like gory horror movies, dark rock music, snakes, and kick boxing. I am VERY opinionated and don’t see a point in keeping those onions to myself EVER….some say that makes me argumentative, I say “nu-uh!” 🙂 I have a daughter who is such a source of inspiration for me…I look at her and I see nothing but possibility and honesty. She is my life. I love being surrounded by intelligent, funny, honest, people. I can’t stand insecurity, selfishness, ignorance, or materialism. I think all songs were written about me. My mind is a Pandora’s Box of insight and depth and I am constantly thinking about things and people around me. I love diary’s, pens, fishnets, corsets, vanilla scented anything, Tim Burton movies, fuscha pink, stilettos, 50’s pin-up models, Jessica Rabbit,blood&guts&gore, boys with accents,bartending,cake flavored vodka,Living dead dolls, starbucks, massages, make-up,  banana pancakes, working out, and stand up comedians.

8 responses to “A little about Me :)

  1. I have gotten so much out of seeing were you have gotten whit that I dont think I could ever stop talking about you to every one that will listen. You will never stop and have never been one to give up in any thing that you do. I see your passion in every bit of art work you do. Keep it in your heart and soul it will take you to that star in the sky you are well deserving of. Your music I always said was a wonderful thing but you have taken your music and put it in your hands that makes me so proude to see some one could do such a thing like that.

      • I to thank you for being there evey day Whit. Seems like iI look forward to that phone call from ypu to help my day go in a postive way. Also finding out about the wonderful ways of making women like me with the aging within the health of the face and keeping our skin in the best condition that we can. I look at your work on your clients and wish there had been someone out there to help me keep mine in that young wonderful golwing as you have done. Keep up your wonderful work you are going to be the top of the line in no time. Thing of you always.

      • I wish so much I could be there with you and think that see you at work would give me such pride every day. I so look forward to our talks every day about were you day has taken you. I have so much pride in the work you have done thus far that I start my day by seeing and being so amazed at your work. I never get tired of look at the art work you have done. Some people by thousands of dollars for paintings. I think if I had a house of my ouw it would be covered in your art work of your modles. You bring out there beauty to a point were dont ever let anyone tell you that you are not amazing Whit. As I said before you took your pasion for sing and transfered in to your hands and art work within the clients you have.
        I love you and am all ways that angle on your sholder.

  2. Hi Whitney. Do you take appointments? I would love to get my make up done by you for my birthday.

  3. Hi Whitney!

    Absolutely love your book! Amazing work! I am a Los Angeles based makeup artist. My husband is moving us to the Las Vegas area and I’m just trying to network and meet great people. Would love to take you out and pick your brain on the Las Vegas MUA scene if you’re ever available. Check out my book on my website if you like.

    All the best and thank for your time.
    -bean (my friends call me bean ;P)

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