Be A Smart Blonde……

dumb blonde

Hi my loves! Hope everyone is having an AMAZING summer 🙂 I don’t know how things in your part of the world are…but here in Vegas its HOT HOT HOT! This is my first full summer here and I can safely say that I am already sick of it! Summer is kind of like going to a buffet…it sounds like a great idea in the beginning..and  parts of it  are SUPER enjoyable…but sometime in the middle you just wanna take your clothes off, curl up in the fetal position, and wait for the un-pleasantness to subside. Not only do I prefer the clothing choices that fall/winter bring (boots, blazers, leggings, and BLACK) but I love not feeling like I have to slather up with SPF morning, noon, and night so’s not to develop the complexion texture of a sun weathered base-ball glove. But I digress….

The POINT of this blog is to tell a little about the journey I went on to get my hair blonde. I must begin this entry with a bit of a disclaimer. I am NOT a hair dresser. Not only am I NOT a hair dresser….but I know literally NOTHING about the practices or techniques of bleaching ones hair. To take it even further…I also have NEVER put bleach to my hair. Well…except for those Clairol Shimmer Lights high lilting kits that you buy at CVS. But in terms of full-blown going from dark hair to lite hair…never ever. And I’m not gonna lie I don’t exactly encourage it. I just wanted to share MY experience with this particular kind of hair change.

As some of you may know last October I took a box of Garnier black cherry dye (pictured below) to my hair because I was ITCHING for a change.


ONCE AGAIN…I’m not proficient in the chemical makeup or what have of you of various hair dye so I can’t attest to whether or not this particular color or brand are GOOD for your hair at all. But I can tell you that I LOVED the way it turned out 🙂


The result was a DARK burgundy purple color. My hair BEFORE that point…hadnt been touched by hair dye of any kind for almost two years, so it was a medium brown color with some lighter brown natural highlites within it.


Looking back…I wish I had NEVER changed the color from that because it was SO nice and healthy. But ya live and ya learn. The following months I had to re-dye it the Black Cherry color about three times (once every six weeks or so). Finally I was flat-out SICK of the process and more importantly SICK of the color.

Until one day on a photo shoot I met a lovely hair dresser named Amy Lara. I told her about my follicular quandaries and how I had a little dream of not only getting the stubborn purple pigment OUT of my hair but maybe even going BLONDE. Which I had never ever done before. Not only had I never done it before but MANY a person in my past will tell you that there was a long time there where I pronounced loud and proud for all to hear that I would never ever EVER be a fair-haired maiden. Amy assured me that it was possible but there were a few steps we would have to go through to get that to happen.

Step one she said would be to STOP coloring it…for at LEAST six weeks. Bear in mind…this hair color I was saddled with faded very very quick. Once it did fade it left my hair a kind of mousey red-brown color. And I HATED it. But….ya gotta do what ya gotta do I suppose. This resulted in the LONGEST SIX WEEKS OF MY LIFE. I literally wore my hair in a bun…every single day. Amy also advised me to shampoo my hair twice when I went to wash it..which I only do three times a week or so. And one last thing…”make sure you are using a good deep conditioner so that your hair is nice and strong when we go to start the process”.

Fast forward six long weeks and I am in Amy’s chair ready to be rid of the rusty nail colored hair I’ve been rocking for the better half of two months. “Rome wasnt built in a day” she said to me as I impatiently kicked my feet in the chair. She told me the first thing we would do is lighten the bottom half of my hair and move on to the top two weeks later. TWO WEEKS!!!!!??? Hadn’t  I suffered enough????? But I trusted her judgement and knew whatever she did would turn out amazing. LUCKILY the ombre look was very in at the time. So when my hair turned out the way it did…I was super happy with it and ALMOST didn’t want to change it. But alas…I was on a journey and I was determined to see it through.


The cut was awesome and the condition of my hair was un-real. It was healthy, soft, and showed NO signs of damage from the bleach.

Two weeks later I was back. The foils went on and a couple of hours  later…voila! I was…BLONDE!


It was/IS a huge change for me but I totally LOVE it.

I am going to do another blog about how I take care of my hair now that its blonde…which I think is BEYOND crucial to maintaining this hair color without damaging your hair and experiencing break age that can never be un-done. The moral of THIS hair tale? Do your research….find an amazing hair dresser and BE PATIENT!!!!!!


Me and My hair-3 months later.

I hope this blog was helpful to some of you if you are thinking of going blonde as well. Once again, this is just MY experience…and yours may differ. HOWEVER..if you are in the Las Vegas area I HIGHLY recommend giving Amy Lara at Square Salon a call

Have a wonderful day!! Dont forget to subscribe to my blog, LIKE my Facebook page (WhitneyLovesMakeup) and follow me on Instagram! @whitneylovesmakeup


Whit xoxo

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