New work :)

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Sorry I have been MIA guys!! Lots has been going in my personal and professional life and I cant wait to share it all with you 🙂 I decided to post a little slide show of some of my more recent photo shoot work. I was VERY lucky and made friends with an amazing photographer here in Las Vegas named Tiffany Fortier. Her work is impeccable and she’s a truly wonderful person. I am looking forward to all the fantastic collaborations we will have in the future. I am re-focusing a bit of my energy into the glamour side of my portfolio. It took me quite some time to really get down to the nitty gritty and decide what area of the makeup artistry industry I want to focus on and hopefully one day excel in. I have high hopes for the future and all I can do is work hard, be kind to all, and pray.

I will keep you guys updated! 🙂

*whit xoxxo

One response to “New work :)

  1. I sitt looking at this with such amazing pride and hopes and dreams for my wonderful daughter. It warms my heart to a spot no mother could understand. To see the talant you have for your dream not as a job but a passion. No mother could ever be so prode of her child LOL(Young lady) as I am as I look at your work. As i have said I see your art on the front cover of COMO Whit. I miss you offten. But I think me being able to see this helps to keep you in my heart every day. You are such a wonderful person to help the world see that what you dream you can make it happen.

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