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I get lots of emails on my personal and makeup Facebook pages wondering about a lot of the same problems or curiousity about certain products so I thought that I would start posting some of the questions followed by my responses and hopefully it well help some people out 🙂 The first one Im going to post is actually the most common question I get asked. A friend of mine from Georgia sent it to me earlier this evening.

Q: Okay, I have a question or two for you…after this baby makes it’s exit, and I lose the fat in my face I am interested in changing my makeup. I have used Clinique double face pressed powder as my base for years( mainly because it doesn’t make my acne prone skin go gnarly) and I am not as pleased with the coverage here lately. Your face always looks flawless and never plastered on…so with that in mind what do you recommend. I am more likely to spend more $ on my base than anything, and I just don’t think I look normal in eyeshadow. I love mascara and eye liner, and a good bronzer! Help please! : )

A: When it comes to face makeup its more about how you apply it sometimes than it is WHAT you use. I always tell people they should invest in a beauty blender sponge instead of a whole slew of makeup brushes that might not be of a certain caliber of quality resulting in poor product distribution and streaking. A blender is a wonder product..you can use the larger end to apply foundation and the pointed tip to apply concealer to blemishes and the under eye area. My favorite foundation right now is the Naked Skin by Urban Decay. But you can never go wrong with Makeup Forever HD. It’s what I keep in my pro kit and it photographs perfectly. The naked has demi matte finish and the HD is a bit more “dewy”..so it needs to be powdered a little throughout the day if you tend to get oily in your tzone or whatever.

Eyeliner is all about what you prefer….in terms of application. But all in all it is an area it’s ok to save money on. I learned this the hard way. As far as liquid goes I LOVE Physicians Formula lash booster felt tip pen. Its SUPER dark super fine tipped and easy to apply. For pencil I think the NYX slide on pencils are great they comes in tons of colors are super pigmented. For gel I say Maybelline eye studio. All these are at Ulta and under $11

Bronzers…I only like matte bronzers. And sadly I haven’t found any good ones in a drug store…Wet and Wild is CLOSE they have one called Princess that has a hint of shimmer but once blended out it’s hard to see. I just wish it were a hint less orange. My fav bronzers are NARS Casino (for super dark contour) Hoola from benefit is a holy grail that works on every one and Too Faced has a chocolate soliel that I love because it’s a nice color and smells yummy.

Mascara I can’t help because I wear fake lashes almost every day. I have TONS of mascaras but they have all gone in my kit because I just don’t like mascara vs. falsies plus it takes me like two seconds to put on fakes as opposed to trying to layer mascara and all that. I DO like L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. I also tried benefit They’re Real and it was actually super amazing.. It’s a bit expensive and if you let it go bad it will burn the CRAP out of your eyes!!! Hope this helps!

Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Find me on Facebook to submit your questions (http://www.facebook.com/Whitneylovesmakeup?ref=hl) and check me out on Instagram. My user name is (you guessed it) WhitneyLovesMakeup.

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season and are gearing up for an amazing 2013!!!


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