Revlon ColorStay Whipped Cream Foundation

As I have mentioned before I tend to go through stages with things. TV shows, movies, bands, makeup etc. etc. Currently I am going through a face makeup stage. When I heard that Revlon was coming out with a “whipped cream” product I already knew I was going to  quickly scoop it up.

FUNFACT: out of all the foundation formulas and textures that I have across…so far creme is far and away my favorite. I purchased a Graftobian HD pro palette for my makeup kit a few months ago and could not believe how great it worked. Not only was the coverage amazing but it made the skin look so beautiful in a way that I’m not sure I can really describe. If yall are interested I will do a blog on that product to go into further detail but trust me when I say that it is really quite impressive.

ANYWAYS….I havent had much luck finding a lot of creme foundations on the market that I felt were worth trying. With the exception of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. At the time I wasnt near a Sephora that carried it but…now thats changed so I will keep you posted :).

SOO you can imagine my aforementioned excitement when Revlon released the Colorstay Whipped. Heres a few quick tid bits on the product:

* Even though the product says WHIPPED…its in no way in the form of foam or mousse. Like the Maybeline  products. The closest one I have come across to its texture is the CoverGirl True Match Whipped Foundation. Which I used to use all the time circa a few years ago. The texture is thick…but once on the skin it doesn’t feel HEAVY. So major points on that.

* I think that it excels in all the places that the original Revlon Colorstay Formula didn’t. If you have ever used the original formula you know that it dries SUPER fast….and Im not gonna lie it oxidized pretty quickly on me. I havent heard lots of other people having that problem,,maybe I got a bad batch? None of these were an issue for me with the Whipped. EXCEPT for the time I fell asleep in it, and wound up wearing it the following day (b I was in the process of moving and couldn’t be bothered to put on a  fresh new face of makeup). NOTE: The product boasts 24 hours of wear.  When I first saw this I couldn’t help but think “ummm HOW busy are you that you need your makeup to last a full 24 hours in the first place?”. The guys at Revlon showed me. It DID stay on for a very long time but….after about 20 hours of wear (maybe longer) it gave me a full-blown orange look on my skin. SO maybe just be aware of that

*When I purchased it there was only about 8 shades or so available. Since the foundation comes in a big glass jar it makes it kind of impossible to detect what color you should be purchasing. LUCKILY when I picked it up Walgreens was having a buy one get one sale and I grabbed two that I figured I would bounce between during the summer months and (worse case scenario) I could mix together.

*I did not find myself getting oily throughout the day…and the product really did pass the “colorstay” test with flying colors (pun kinda intended) even without a primer. During the hot Arizona months, keeping foundation in place and looking fresh can be a bit of a task belive me and this one…more than did the job.

*Some people have complained that they had trouble figuring out what kind of tool to use to apply the product. I found my beauty blender didn’t quite take to it. But my Sigma Flat top  Synthetic Kabuki (the F80 I think) rose to the challenge beautifully!

*At around $14 its a great GREAT price for a wonderful product that quite frankly could easily pass for a more expensive product.

* The coverage is FULL with a demi matte finish. You prob wont need much by way concealer unless you have particularly stubborn under eye circles or maybe a MONSTER red pimple. So…it gets time saver points as well.

All in all…this gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me. And to be honest I don’t know what you are doing still sitting here reading this post…cause you should be running out the door to pick some of this up!

Hope this blog helped you guys and thanks so much for stopping by and reading 🙂

Dont forget to check out the WhitneyLovesMakeup Facebook page and I hope you have a great day!

WhitLove xxoxo

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