Kat Von D True Romance Eyshadow Palette in Saint

When Kat Von D put her makeup line out.. I was pretty hesitant to give it a whirl. To be honest, any celebrity endorsed products are something I tend to stay away from. But..from researching online it seemed that a few of her products had established a bit of a cult status. So I figured it was time that I give one of the products a whirl and do a quick entry on my experience.

So while at Sephora I start swatching and playing around in the Kat Von D display until I came across what appeared to be her answer to the neutral palette. I am in a bit of a neutral eye shadow phase right now so after playing around with it for a moment, I popped it in my basket and headed to the check out isle.

  As far as the selection of shades go, you definitely end up with more shimmer than matte colors. The only matte ones are the third one from the left (its called ❤ ) and the very last one (called carravagio). The shade “<3” is the real reason I bought the palette to begin with because I had never seen anything like it. Its a matte light pink color with tiny silver glitter in it. It’s just CRAZY gorgeous. The first shade called “Heavens” is a very shimmery white. And the second color “Enjoy the Silence” is a dead ringer for MAC’s eyeshadow in Nylon. The middle two are very shimmery warm gold/bronze colors. The third color from the right called “pray for me” is an shimmery ash brown color. And the last two are pretty much the same shade of dark ash brown but the second from the right called “bookworm” is a shimmer version of its next-door neighbor “Carravagio”.

  All in all I’m really happy with the palette. I wish it would have included at least ONE matte transition shade…like a warm medium brown. AND..although the shadows are very pigmented and easy to blend they get very dusty when you run your brush through them. Consider yourself warned your makeup table might end up covered in this stuff if you are too rough with your brushes in the shadows.

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