Sigma Performance Eye Kit Brushes

Hey guys! Today I got my Performance Eye Kit in the mail from Sigma and thought I would share my first impressions with you.

A little back ground: When it comes to makeup brushes I don’t think it gets much better. The offer really amazing brush rolls and kits at a reasonable price and the quality of the brushes are not compromised due to the fact that they are sold in a bundle. Which is rare. I think they are very comparable to MAC brushes personally. Although there are certain MAC brushes I do think are worth the investment..but I will get to that at later date.

This is the fourth set I have from Sigma. The first was the essential kit. Then for Christmas my boyfriend got me both of synthetic SIGMAX kits and the Premium Kit. And I honestly love each and every single brush with all my little heart pieces. They are all super soft and well crafted and only one I have come across has given me trouble with shedding, but it’s not enough to bother me. I will do a review on some other Sigma brushes at a later date. I’m throwing lots of promises at you guys in this entry huh? 🙂

ANYWAYS..I purchased this set because I am a huge fan of creating really crazy high concept kind of eye looks and sometimes it calls for very precise color application. PLUS the smaller tips of the brushes are going to be wonderful for when I have shoots and clients with smaller eye lids which happens more often than you might think. Lets take a close look at the brushes shall we?

From left to right: E11 eyeliner brush. E16 Tightliner brush (for your upper water liner under your lashes…lining her makes your lash line seem TONS thicker). E17 Waterline Liner meant your lower waterline.

Left to right: E47 Crease brush. E 36 Blending brush. I have tons of blending and crease brushes but these are going to be particularly useful when I need a very concentrated and exact placement of color or when I want to blend out only one side of the color which is usually the case with a cut crease look

Left to right: E46 Inner Corner Shader and E56 Lid Shader. Pretty cut and dry what they are for, but they are basically flat brushes perfect for packing color all over the lid, under the lower lash line, and under the brow bone.

Smudge E21. Good for smudging out gel liner on upper or lower lash lines or you can use as brush to draw precise thin lines on your lids with shadow.

And when you spend $50 or more the good folks at sigma send you a free travel size  E25 blending brush. Which I feel you can never really have too many of 🙂

The whole set was a reasonably priced $55. All in all I am super happy with my purchase and I cant wait to try them out and see all the crazy looks they will help me achieve! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and gearing up for an awesome weekend. Dont forget to subscribe to my blog and pop by the WhitneyLovesMakeup facebook page and click LIKE for daily looks, beauty news, giveaways, and more 🙂 I’ll leave the link below 🙂


WhitLove xoxxo

4 responses to “Sigma Performance Eye Kit Brushes

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! Sometimes I wonder what the brushes are for when I go shopping. I’m no make up pro but it makes me think about attending a beauty school just I can be more effective with make up.

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