My Favorite Pencils <3

Sorry teacher, there are just some pencils I don’t see myself ever putting down. Well, at least not for good that is 🙂

In this blog I am going to cover my favorite pencil products. I don’t see a point in giving a fun little introductory schpeel on the subject as it is very cut and dry. So let’s get right into it shall we 🙂

1. MAC eyebrow pencil in Lingering.

I don’t think its some breaking NEWS story that eye brows are very important. But if this does happen to be a surprising fact to you I will reiterate: BROWS ARE VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT!! In fact…ladies if I inspire you to do nothing else in the time we share together connected through the world-wide web bonded in our love for all things beauty related..DO YOUR BROWS! It takes only a few minutes to groom them. But you need to fill them in. Unless you don’t..and there are people who don’t. But the other 95% of you should be filling them in. Nothing looks worse to me than a lady with dark eye makeup on and sparse un defined brows. It’s not a good look!!! Anyways…the point is..once you start filling in your brows its going to be a bit of trial by error to find the perfect method and products for you. Mine is the MAC eyebrow pencil in Lingering. It’s a tiny little pencil that makes creating hair like brush strokes effortless. The formula is long-lasting and the color is perfect. Some brown colors can be a little too red or too dark creating a un natural appearance. Lingering is a perfect light ash brown color that i pair with cork eyeshadow from MAC to achieve my perfect brows 🙂

2. TARTE emphasize inner rim brightening pencil.

I kind of want to go on and explain the purpose but the name of it kind of eliminates the need to do so. FUNFACT: If you put a white eyeliner on the inner water line of your eyes it makes them appear wider more and more awake. EVEN MORE FUN FACT: Depending on your skin tone white can look a little harsh. The good people at TARTE got you covered though guurrl. This little baby is the PERFECT shade for this task and really does make you look like you had a GOOD 8 hours of sleep when we all know good and dang well margaritas and bohemian rhapsody into the wee hours of the morning got the better of you.

3. Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil.

This kind of got me simply because it IS a pencil. I’ve never seen concealer packaged like that. And for all I know that’s for a reason but right now I gotta tell you…this stuff is GREAT!!!!!! I am going through a concelaer faze. I do that. Most often with music..I pick a band, obsess about them for months on end, get my fill, and then start hunting around for my new favorite tasty jam. Same thing with makeup…and right now I am all  about concealer. Picked this guy up on a whim..and *cheese and rice!* I’m glad I did. The product is insanely pigmented, ĂĽber creamy but not so much that it looses its ability to last a long time, it doesn’t crease, and it doesn’t collect in fine lines. Not that I have any 🙂 (kidding’ish). Just sayin..check these out if you havent already

3. Miliani Liquif’eye eye liner in BLACK. These are a dead ringer for the Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liners. Just as creamy, pigmented, and once it sets its there until you take it off with soap and water. It non irritating when used in your water line and its only something like $6. With a price that low you can afford to buy all the colors available which include a lovely blue and gorgeous purple.

4. Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner. It is just as the title indicates..a PERFECT lip liner. It goes great with pretty much any neutral lip color you may be rocking that day..OR worn alone with a gloss on top. The choice is yours 🙂

I hope this was helpful! Dont forget to check out the WhitneyLovesMakeup Facebook Page (I’ll put the link below) to get in on daily looks, fun facts, give aways, beauty news and MORE. Have a wonderful day!



2 responses to “My Favorite Pencils <3

  1. I didn’t know about white eyeliner making you look more awake. How far out from your water line should you go?

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