Contrast Smokey Eye


I had to do makeup on myself today for an assignment. The task was a smokey eye….*le sigh*. I’m not gonna lie I’m just OVER smokey eyes lately. Well at least what most would consider a “classic smokey eye”. Which is usually grays and black. HOWEVER…there is a type of black smokey eye that I do love but it’s executed differently. Its more a gradient effect from lash line to brow going from black and then up to skin tone. It’s so sexy and that will never change. But yeah…using black and gray to do a contoured crease smokey eye is just over as far as im concerned.


I decided to bust out my trusty painterly paint pot..soft brown as a transition color and contrast in the crease (all from MAC). I  really dig this and would wear it any old-time 🙂 Just hope the instructor feels the same way 🙂 🙂

I didn’t show the rest of my face cause I didn’t do anything different than usual 🙂

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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