GAME CHANGERS: Beauty Blender


I decided to start a new blog series called “GAME CHANGERS” which will basically be a few quick entries about products that I have come across that I don’t know what I would ever do without. This is a blog for the holy grails. The desert island picks. The “how did I function a day in my life before I came across this thing” kinda of items. It could be an actual product or it could be a tool used to apply. It could be skin could be hair goodies! But no matter what, one thing is certain: if someone tried to snatch one of these up from me I would be like a mama polar bear protecting her cubs leaving nothing but ice and carnage in my wake! *ahem* But I digress…

The very first Game Changer I want to discuss is the Beauty Blender. Anytime I take this little baby on a shoot everyone wants to know “umm what the world is that?”. Allow me to explain. The Beauty Blender is an egg-shaped sponge used to blend foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush…WHATEVER. But..its so much more than that at the same time. I have tons of wonderful face brushes. While they are all very lovely in their own right, since I bought this thing I rarely use them.

It starts out with the size of an ACTUAL egg but once you dampen it with water it almost triples in size. It blends any foundation into your skin flawlessly. Without the streaks that some brushes can leave if you aren’t careful. On top of that…it takes less time to blend your foundation out into a poreless perfect finish using this little baby. If your like me and you use your concealer to create a highlighted effect under your eyes, the beauty blender creates a seamless effect between both tones of makeup and (once again) does so quickly. And if you DONT use concealer for this you should start and you should begin using this little guy. It honestly makes all the difference and creates a professional looking application for even the most novice of users. AND…after you have applied your face makeup added your powder and applied your bronzer and blush you can use the sponge to blend alllll the colors together just by “bouncing” it on your skin for a drop dead gorgeous perfectly blended effect. The pointed tip allows for precise blending along the side of the nose and underneath the eyes 🙂

You can purchase it online at It’s about $20 for one which I know might be nuts to some  people…but I can’t stress how WORTH it is. There are lesser priced alternatives on the market as well. I know the Sonia Kashuk one available at Target is pretty popular for example. I don’t have any personal experience with them but that’s only because I have such an obsessive love affair with the original product. 🙂

I hope this review was helpful to you guys and thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂 Dont forget to subscribe to my blog and LIKE the WhitneyLovesMakeup Facebook page..I’ll put the link below. 🙂 Have a great day guys!



6 responses to “GAME CHANGERS: Beauty Blender

  1. I’ve always loved using my beauty blender for foundation. I just recently got into the world of highlighting and tried it with some concealer over the weekend……LOVE! It has me wanting to highlight more. This thing blends flawlessly.

  2. I’ve had my Beauty Blender for over a year now and I’m so in love with it. I never actually used it for for blending out blush or bronzer, not even on clients for that matter.

    How do you keep this sanitary while you’re on location? Especially because it would have to be washed after every use and to keep it damp in between your clients. Would love your tips on this because I would like to start using it on clients. It really leaves an airbrushed look on the face!

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