Ok..Ok..I admit it. I have NOT been practicing safe sun. Over the past three years or so. Its been tanning bed memberships, tingle lotions, and sun bathing without a stitch of SPF. FOR SHAME!

The reason being…I wanted off the sunless tanner roller coaster. Any avid bottled bronze person will tell you, that even though its much much better for you it’s also (at times…well most times) a bit of a nuisance. At least it was in my case. I feel I tried almost any kind of tanning product that was out at the time. Since I had been in the business of faux sun for about five years before I went to the dark side (pun intended).

It was like being in a bad relationship. The promise of good things…a heap of un pleasant and routine steps taken to get to said good things only to end up disappointed and right back where you started. I tried them all…gels..mousse…aersol sprays…creams….butters…color guard…not color guard…graudual tinted lotions…spray tans and on and on. I hated the smell. UGH! The smell! If you have ever tried self tanning you know that awful tell-tale kitty litter smell I’m talking about. And it for some reason never goes away. ON TOP OF THAT…there was the sometimes orange tint it left you with and lets not forget the streaking and the  weird scaly mutant patchy thing that happens when it starts to fade. Is it any surprise I finally relented to and went for the beds?


But alas…it was not meant to be. As the years keep flying by I am forced to face the fact that My 30s are a few short years away. Can I just take a second to say “OH MY GOSH!” :(. And with that I decided I was going to stop the chance of pre mature aging right then and there. And come on..its kind of hypocritical to be a makeup artist droning on and on about the importance of skin care and things of that nature and then spend 15 minutes a day frying myself. SO..the hunt was on for a sunless tanner.

After doing my usual research I came across FAKE BAKE FLAWLESS. The company offers several different kinds of formulas from what I gather but this was the one that came highly recommended and well reviewed.

I ordered it from Ulta (there isn’t one anywhere near me..What..the..frick!?) for about $25. I understand that you can order them from Amazon for about $16..so maybe next time. The kit came with: A “mitt”, two rubber gloves, the tanning solution, and an extra topper for the bottle. The bottle came with the same kind of push top that most bottles of shampoo have. They also send you a spray pump top to change it with if that’s what your into.


I did the usual prep steps for sunless tanning. Exfoliating..shaving…and applying a moisturizer on my knees, elbows, wrist bones, and ankles to act as  mild guard from the pigmentation as tanners have a tendency to gravitate to dry skin.

I popped the spray applicator on the bottle. The product is a liquid. Which I had never seen before and i felt like using the other top would be obscenely messy. I put the rubber gloves on and the mit on top of the hand I would use to rub the product in. Spritz..and rub. It was that simple. It blended in CRAZY easy. No streaks..its not a thick formula so it only takes seconds to dry. And the real kicker! It…smells…great!! It smells like coconut yummy vacation deliciousness! At that point I was sold..but decided to build my full opinion after I slept on it and washed away the color guard. Which is what they recommend but I guess you could get away with wearing for about 4-6 hours and then washing it off instead of an entire night sleep or more. Which is good to know if I’m ever in a pinch.

In the early mornings light I ran to the shower, lathered up, rinsed off. And VIOLA! I was super tan and not even a hint of orange. It looked natural and non streaky and it didn’t collect on my elbows or anything either. The verdict is still out on how it will fade…if its going to get all patchy and gross but I am taking preventative measures. I’m using a daily moisturizer from HEMP that has a gradual tanning effect. Keeping your skin moisturized will pro long the tan anyways. But…from what I can tell I am going to be a life long Fake Bake customer!!! I havent found a new product that I love THIS much in years. So needless to say I highly recommend it. I would buy everyone a bottle to spread the cheer around if I could 🙂 My only regret is I didn’t have the foresight to take before and after pictures..but maybe I will add some at a later date 🙂

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WhitLove xoxxo


  1. Please, please update us as it fades. I have always been too scared to try these, but you have me totally interested. Do you think it would work as well on paler skintones?

    • its been a week and no ugly patchy fading! YES! As far as paler tones…the color is VERY brown…it will be effective but i cant be sure how NATURAL of a tan it will give you. It wont be orange but if you dont nomally reach a color that bronze then it might be difficult to pull of as “real”. But its not something that would bother me personally 🙂

    • Im only two full body applications in so far…but it doenst take much product to achieve results. I would guess a good six or seven weeks? maybe more..I will let you know when i run out 🙂

  2. Whitney – great blog! I noticed the fake bake faded really fast on me however i have’t tried the HEMP lotion you mentioned above, have you tried the tanner without hemp?? does it make a big difference?? I’ve recently purchased the gel tanner from Fake Bake and I found the colour to be orange and hard to rub in! I’m back to tanning beds…. 😦

    • I havent tried it without..but thats mostly because I just want to keep my skin moisturized because with or without the use of the gradual tanning aspect it will maintain the tan 🙂

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