Wet&Wild Cheek Stuff mini Haul


I know that title couldn’t lack any more creativity if it  if it tried, but I was having a bit of trouble deciding what to call this.

I have a few makeup bits I picked up from the drug store the other day from Wet and Wild and thought I would share a few thoughts and swatches with you guys.


Let me start by saying NO ONE loves a beautiful high-end blush or bronzer as much as I do. However, as much as I love them they are not always worth the hype or price tag and more importantly there are probably much more easily accessible versions of the same product at Wal Mart or CVS or something like that. I have a few drugstore brands and products that I think that are just wonderful and would recommend to anyone. And then there is Wet and Wild. I remember Wet and Wild from when I was a youngin (like 7 or 8 years old) as being the makeup brand of choice to all my friends big sisters. I remember seeing stacks of their products inside those purple glittery caboodles that owned the early nineties. So for some reason..as I grew up I just kinda thought that they were cheap and not very high quality and even as low-priced as they were I didn’t want to waste any amount of money what so ever on them. Boy…was…i…wrong.

I don’t know when but apparently one of the big whigs sat down everyone at wet and wild inc. and announced it was time to step the game all the way up. And step up they did. I first discovered a shockingly impressive increase in quality in their color icon eyeshadow palettes around October of last year. When I say impressive..I dont mean impressive for drugstore caliber makeup. I mean all the way impressive period dot. MAC quality if not better. I will do a separate post of my favorite of those palettes and swatches on another day. I hadn’t really stepped out of the eyeshadow realm until recently when I decided to take a whack at the bronzer, blush, and cheek highligter from them.

I guess everyone else got hip to how great W&W are now because I literally had to scavage around several locations to get the handful of products I got. Lets take a little looksie shall we?

Ok…I LOVE LOVE the blush’s and Bronzer. They are super pigmented and very very smooth! For example: ELF blushes are around the same price..and a few of them are quite nice as well but they are SO chalky. I’m talking when you run your fingers over to swatch it the product gathers inside the little grooves of your fingerprint. CSI crime scene style if ya know what I mean. These are not that way at all…I find them to be very soft. This goes for the bronzer as well. The bronzer in Princess that I picked up is intended to have shimmer in it. And when you swatch it you can pick it up in the light. However once you blend it out..its pretty much totally un noticeable. Once again..I am a matte bronzer freak and this still passed my test.


 (left: pearlescent pink.  right: Mellow Wine)

 BRONZER in Princess

NOW…someone at the company put the cart a tad before the horse when they called the highlighter products MEGA Glo. A little Glo..or a BIT of Glo might have been a more accurate title. Dont get me wrong…I don’t enjoy a glitter ball effect on my cheeks AND it’s not to say that these dont have any shimmer what so ever. But..its nothing to write home about. “But it is enough to write a blog about? How does that work Whit Love?” I know right. But seriously though. I wouldn’t recommend picking these up at all. Nothing special..the packaging isn’t nice..they dont smell nice..they arent shimmery..or smooth…or anything. You would be better off using a cream or champagne shimmery eye shadow instead. BUT the beauty of W&W is the price. It’s not like I’m kicking myself in the rear about it just will put it somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my makeup collection and never think of it again 🙂

I guess if you really wanted to you could use them as a shimmery blush…but like I said..these babies just werent for me 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and thank you so much for stopping by! Dont forget to subscribe and LIKE the WhitneyLovesMakeup Facebook page for more 🙂

WhitLove xoxxo

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