I’m not gonna lie as far as the “Splurge vs. Save” series goes I think I picked a pretty difficult one to go for. But that’s mostly because I feel like as far as these types of powders go they are either something you will love or just not care too much for. And that’s got a lot to do with your preference for setting your makeup. If you’re the kind of person who likes  a tinted face powder then these might not be something you will enjoy for the simple fact that these are translucent powders. NOW…there are other ways to go about using this if you really wanted to (because as I always say) there is more than one way to skin a cat. I have used this ONLY on my under eye area when I am going for a more “brightening effect” with my concealer so’s not to alter the colors I used on that area of my face. OR I guess if you really wanted to you could still put the HD powder over your regular makeup routine (face powder of preference included). Because it is so light weight and translucent it doesnt cause an over powdered effect… which no one looks cute with.

Makeup Forever has kind of become famous for its HD line. I personally am an enthusiast of the foundation (which I covered in my last splurge vs save blog) and don’t think I can ever be without it again. Its most definitely my holy grail foundation. The powder however…I’m not going to lie I still don’t feel a huge LOVE for. Maybe it’s because of the cost ($32 for a full size container). I don’t mind paying a little extra for a great quality product but Im not sure if this one is 100% worth it. Lets take a look at what the company says about this product:

“The HD Powder is a unique, extremely fine powder available in one universal shade to make the skin absolutely radiant. It sets the foundation and matifies the skin without changing its natural contours.  Consisting of mineral silica powder, its talc-free formula is non-drying. Its universal translucent shade matches all skin tones. The HD Powder can be worn alone or applied over foundation.”

ELF jumped on the band wagon not too long after MUFE with their answer to the High Def Powder. Heres what our friends at ELF have to say:

“The e.l.f. High Definition Powder is a translucent, versatile loose powder that creates a flawless, “soft focus” effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a glowing, radiant complexion. This incredibly soft and invisible powder is ideal for everyday wear, either alone or over your favorite e.l.f. foundation. Our HD Powder is a makeup artist and e.l.f. customer favorite, and at only $6, it can be yours at a fraction of the cost of the competition!”

Im just gonna break this down short and sweet for ya:

The products are remarkably similar. I did notice a “soft focus” finish on both…with a nice minimization of the appearance of pores. They both mattifye. They both are VERY finely milled and when you run them between your fingers they almost feel…I dunno…..like rubbery or something? It’s really hard to explain but I assume that has something to do with the silica component of the products. THE MAIN DIFFERENCE: is the staying power. ELF lasted maybe a fourth of as long without needing a touch up. AND under photography the MUFE version did make a noticeable difference compared to the ELF one. AND WITH BOTH…if you are a little too heavy-handed you are going to end  up with a super un flattering white mask on your mug. This is especially true when it comes to the under eye area as I found out the hard way! Like so:

All in all…this is one of those things I can either take or leave…as far as setting powders go I am more than fine sticking with my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. If you have an on camera (HD THAT IS) event coming up it might be worth looking into..but other than that you might be safe passing this one up. This is of course all in my opinion because there are lots of other people who swear by these kinds of products. my

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