50s pin up by: ME

 There is something SO appealing to me about the 1950s. The starlets, the hair styles, the movies, the music…everything. If I had it my way..I would wear vicotry rolls and hot red lips paired with sweet heart blouses and high waisted pencil skirts every single day of the week. BUT….its not very realistic not to mention it is OUT OF THIS WOLRD hot here in Arizona. Though I do love transforming myself and others into my version of a drop dead gorgeous 50s pin up doll for a day for a photoshoot. I had the privelidge of working on a beautiful young lady a couple of weeks back for her 50s fantasy shoot and thought I would share some pics 🙂


 I did the hair and mkaeup for this shoot and I personally LOVE the way that they turned out! So gorgeous!!

Just thought I’d pop in with a quick post!

Hope everyone is doing great!

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2 responses to “50s pin up by: ME

  1. I love the pinup look and am going to attempt at doing the hairdos (I am really bad at doing hair) sometime soon. If I could go to work every day dressed like the ladies of the 1950s I would, but I don’t know if that would go down in an office environment that well!

    I want to also buy all the clothes from pinup girl clothing as well!! Love that store

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