I definitely wrote this once before. When I published it…for whatever reason it posted only half of the article AND THEN I  changed it to draft so I could re-do it later but NOOOO…it stayed on “PUBLIC”. GGRRR! Technology! So if you had read this once already bear with me because lots of information was left out in the initial posting 😦 BUT I will post another blog today so you guys have something new to check out 🙂

NOTE: I am sorry I have been MIA lately but as i mentioned before I got a puppy, then I went on a mini vacay we had been planning forever AND THEN I had four wisdom teeth extracted which had me pretty out of it and passed out for a few days. But I am back and very happy to be 🙂 And now I will commence with RE typing this thing * le sigh*


Clothes shopping for me as of late has been a nightmare. As of latte=the past year or so. I don’t consider myself fashionably illiterate or anything but I would not consider myself trendy by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sorry..but I think a lot of the things that are coming out in boutiques and stuff are just flat-out silly looking. FACT: that is my opinion and I’m entitled to it. So go ahead and DONT bombard me with emails telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about and how you look amazing in your day glo skinny jeans and animal print bandeau bra and I just need to get with it. I’m not here to offend but like I said..just not my cup of sweet tea. My personal style is much more on the classic side of things. I believe that’s the reason I gravitate towards the styles of the 50’s. They are timeless..elegant..and sexy. THE PROBLEM HERE…is I can NEVER find clothes. I hardly ever buy myself clothing. At best I just purchase some new accessories here and there to spice up a piece I have had for years. I guess that’s why the bulk of what I buy is makeup. Which is how the blog entry came to be. I had been shopping around for three days looking for a dress or two to wear on me and my boyfriend’s weekend get away to San Diego we had been planning for months to NO AVAIL. I finally gave up and stomped over to Sephora..mentally apologizing to my wallet in advance for the beating it was about to take.

Heres the goods

 and my 500 pt reward from Buxom!

Lets take a look shall we?

 Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in Tipsy: I have been dying to try this stuff for months. But in all the time I have been trying to get my hands on this..I would never in a million years guessed I would pick this shade. I tend to gravitate towards pinky rose toned blushes. And this one is a BRIGHT true coral shade..but I decided to risk it. And I am SOOO glad I did. I am obsessed with this shade and will  probably be wearing it all summer!   I don’t feel the swatch does it justice so you will just have to trust me when I say the pigmentation is out of this world. A little goes a very long way. PLUS the staying power one hundred percent lives up to its title. I wore this both days we were in San Diego and it lasted all day and all night! I fully intend to get some more of these.

2. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: First of all..this stuff legit smells like chocolate. Makes me wanna lick it! Dont worry….I wont. I am very particular about bronzer. I do not like shimmery ones and I do not like orangey toned ones.  This one fits the bill perfectly. It’s a buildable formula which makes it perfect for contouring and *yay* very long-lasting.

 3. NARS cheek highlighter in New Order: In the pan this looks like a pretty baby pink blush. In reality it’s just the most beautiful ULTRA shimmery pink toned highlighter with silver glitters in it that I am über in love with. I have never had a highlighter that isn’t either gold or champagne toned. It just gives your skin a gorgeous rosy glow wherever you apply it. Since it is SO shimmery I don’t recommend using it in day time (unless you dig that disco ball kind of look) but at night it’s just drop dead gorgeous

4. Nars LipGloss in Angelika. It’s a gorgeous bright purple toned pink. The formula is just pigmented enough to punch up any pink lip stick you put it over  without completely altering the color. OR you can wear it over a nude lipstick and it just adds a little more “uumph” to it. Definitely one of my new favorites 🙂

 4. Very irresistable roller ball fragrance. Just cause its my signature scent and I wanted a perfume to throw in my purse for when I’m on the go 🙂

AND FINALLY:  my 500 point reward! This is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! It’s a full-sized gloss in April, a mini Lip Crayon in Sydney, and a mini Buxom Mascara. The Lipgloss alone was a good reason for me to cash in my points. I have another Buxom gloss in Sugar and I LOOVE it. They smell like Mint Chocolate and have a slight plumping effect without being too sticky. The lip crayons are similar in smell and they have the plumping effect as well but are intended to be used as lip sticks. I have a full-sized one in Vienna and love it as well. I am so happy with this lipstick/gloss combo! It’s a PERFECT everyday pinky nude lip made all the more perfect because I got it for the FREE-SKI! 🙂 🙂

Alright guys that’s it…I am SO GLAD this will be finally posted correctly! 🙂 Dont forget to subscribe to my blog and “LIKE” me on Facebook. I have extended the giveaway one more week since I was so MIA and didn’t have time to keep you guys in the loop on the details and prizes 🙂 So please mosey over to my page to get the details and how to enter!

Hope everyone is doing amazing! Glad to be back and keep your eyes peeled for lots of new stuff on the horizon 🙂 🙂




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