Annnnd she’s back! I know I have been super MIA the past couple of weeks but I have been house training my beautiful Boxer puppy Lilly Monroe:

  She is doing really well so far but I literally can’t take my eyes off of her for more than two minutes or she will get into some kind of un-forseen mischief. The only way I can be certain she will stay out of trouble is when she is passed out in her usual ridiculously adorable fashion on my feet. Which is definitely her favorite place to rest. Boxers are notorious for their energy and intelligence and Lilly is no exception what so ever.

But I am finally back and I have missed you guys so much! And for my return blog I would like to talk a little about skin. Sure, there’s a million different kinds of concealors, foundations, powders and such to cover up any spots or dis colorations you may have on that otherwise perfect mug of yours. And one could fill an entire book of tips and tricks  and techniques to cover them up.

OR you could get out in front of the problem and 86 your troubled areas all together.

In time I will discuss some of my favorite tools and products for skin care but I thought the first thing I would talk about was the first time I suffered from a mysterious un sightly skin dilemma of my own.

As some of you may or may not know in October of 2011 I moved from the sweet tea sippin, firefly catchin, “bless your heart”, collard green eating state of Georgia to Arizona. There are tons of differences in theses two parts of the country that I immediately noticed. The weather (no humidity), the scenery (no trees or grass), and a lack of the familiar southern drawl I had to come love were the first to catch my attention. And one huge difference it took me weeks to notice.

BACKSTORY: I’ve never really had any skin problems. I don’t know if its genetics, my obsession with drinking nothing but water since I was old enough to walk, OR because I started washing my face religiously after seeing my first Noxema tv commercial at age nine. Somehow, I managed to avoid having break outs and black heads even during my already horribly awkward teenage years.

So you can imagine my complete and utter confusion at the fact that suddenly after my relocation to the south-west that my face was an oily bumpy, red, freak show mess. My makeup wouldnt even stick on my face because of all the excess oil my skin was producing. It….was….awful. I know, I know: cue the dramatics. But it’s probably a bit un settling to have a makeup artist with skin like Ray Liota’s working on you. POINT BLANK: It was NOT good for business.

I tried it all. New face wash, washing my face even MORE than usual, keeping cleansing towelttes in my car and purse, spot treatments, face masques…nothing worked. If anything it only got worse. After two months I began the internet search for answers. The scariest article I came across was that there was a pretty good chance I was experiencing the beginning stages of adult acne. It seemed so un fair…I already went through my ugly duck stage once…really I had to do it all over again!?

The search waged on..until one day the answer was there. The solution to all of my woes: THE WATER!!! I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me sooner. Especially because the water here tastes just awful. How on Earth did I not connect the dots sooner that the awful tasting water could lead to awful reactions with my skin?

So basically here’s what had been happening: I was repeatedly washing my face with hard water. It wasnt removing the cleaners I was using but instead leaving behind a film on the surface which eventually turned into a full-blown soap scum on my face. Have you ever seen someones tub caked in that slime? Imagine that being all over your face everyday. And the more I washed it..the worse it got.

So in order to test my theory I purchased a few jugs of bottled water and commenced with my usual morning and night-time face washing routine. And then as if by some sort of divine dermatological intervention it was…gone. First thing I noticed was my complexion went back to its less than slimy texture. It felt like my skin could finally breathe again. My makeup didnt slide off my face and I wasnt damn near surgically attached to my mattifying powder to try and stave off the slimy appearance my face had come accustomed to having. A few weeks later I was 100% red bump free. Couldnt have been any happier.

Dont get me wrong its kind of hard to avoid getting water on my face EVERYTIME I take a shower and I do feel kind of J.Lo diva like washing my face only with bottled water. But if it aint broke don’t fix it right?

I think the main reason I wanted to share this story was that I couldn’t help but feel I wasnt the first or last person that experienced a similar problem with this. And maybe it would save some poor oily soul hours searching the internet and tons of money trying to fix the problem. Sometimes the solution is a lot closer and much more simple than one would think 🙂


I hope you guys are doing awesome! I’m glad to be back with yall! Lots of cool stuff coming up! Dont forget to subscribe to my blog and “LIKE” the WhitneyLovesMakeup Facebook page. The giveaway closes this saturday and although I have been lax on keeping in touch it is still going on so mosey over to the Facebook and check it out 🙂


WhitLove xoxxo


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