Dramatic Winged Liner For Beginners

There is no makeup look in the WORLD that is more beautiful to me than a strong winged liner and bold lip. Its timeless…clean…and always appropriate. You can make the liner as dramatic or as demure as you want and the same goes for the lips. Its been a popular look since the late 1940’s for a REASON. I have yet to try this look on any woman and not come out with beautiful results. The execution of this is not always as easy as it seems though. I have been doing winged liner on myself for years and if there is one thing I had to learn in the process was practice definitely makes perfect.  I’m not usually one that thinks makeup has to be 100% flawless 100% of the time to be beautiful. But in the case of winged liner…precision is everything. It’s not always easy to draw a perfectly even straight line that is symmetrical on both sides of your face. In fact….as far as makeup application goes it has ALWAYS been the thing I have had to work the hardest on to perfect. If you don’t do this correctly..you can give an odd shape to your eye that can either make them look droopy, crooked, or small. And these are not looks ANY of us are fond of I’m sure.

I came up with a way today that I think might make it easier for someone totally new to the winged liner technique to get the look with a little practice. Because I’m a firm believer that EVERY girl should now how to do this. I think even on your most hectic of days if you can slap on a gorgeous liner you can be out the door and looking fabulous in minimal time. I used the following:

1. Some clear scotch tape 2. MAC Eye Brow crayon in Lingering 3. Loreal Lineur Intense in blackest black 4.MAC painterly paint pot 5.MAC Pro eye makeup remover 5. Face Secrets double-sided Q tips and 6. Ardell Double Up lashes in 203.

You don’t NEED all of these things but you do need at least the scotch tape, liner, q tips, and eye makeup remover. Lets get started! 🙂

 1. I always suggest doing your brows before you begin any makeup look. It helps you to get a sense of the shape of your eye and face and it gives you a guide to follow. THEN you want to take off a small piece of masking tape and place it on the side of your eye. To help you understand the most flattering shape for YOUR eye you want to look at your LOWER lash line and follow that line upwards. Not your inner water line but your lower LASH line. That will guide you with your tape placement. If you are having trouble getting the tape exactly where you think it should be that’s OK we have our qtips and eye makeup remover and I will tell you more about that in a moment. I purposely placed mine a little too angled to show you what I mean during the clean up stages. 🙂 Then take your liner and draw your beginning line. REMEMBER: it’s always easier to add than it is to take away when it comes to liner so start with thin light strokes. Dont try to draw a line in one singular swoop if your new to this. You will most likely mess up. You want your FIRST line as close to your lashes as possible. I literally lie the brush of my eyeliner on top of my lashes to get as close as I can.

 2. Start thickening up only the OUTER third of your eye. Its easier if you look down into a hand mirror. Remember slow strokes not one continuous line. Its ok if you get eyeliner on the tape beacuse like I said before  its coming off.

 3. Next..using your tape as a guide draw a line moving up the surface of your eyelid. Make this line as thin as possible. Once again don’t get too caught up on making the outside of it perfect because we have the tape protecting your skin from being drawn on AND we have our clean up tools for later in the process.

 4. Now you want to use your liner to draw a triangle that connects the tip of your wing to the rest of your eye. THIS IS THE TRICKY part. You don’t want to bring that connecting line too far in. Once again..its always easier to ADD than it is to take away when it comes to liner. Try and bring it in only to the outer third of your lid. We will go in later and fill in the rest of the lid to make the line one cohesive element. Just focus on one step at a time.

 5. Next simply fill in your little triangle with your liner. Taking it back to kindergarten: stay inside the lines 🙂

 6. Take off your tape 🙂 Do you see how the OUTER portion of my wing line is a little too thick and going a little past my lower lash line I said we were using as a guide in step one? Lets fix that

 7.  (NOTE: If you like this look then you can skip this step. It doesn’t bother me personally.. I think it makes your eyes look bigger and adds an element of drama) To clean and sharpen up the outside of your winged line simply dip your q tip into a bit of eye make remover and “erase” the part you don’t like. This trick will be especially helpful whenever you get a little more experience and are ready to eliminate the tape step all together.

8. 7. Ok. Next we want to make sure the line has an even and gradient effect from one corner of your eye to the other. Look at picture number seven. Do you see that the line from the middle of the eye to the inner corner of the eye is MUCH much thinner than the outer portion? There is no transition from thin to thick at all. We want it to look like a hill not a mountain. And though we do want the line on the inner part of our eye to be thin  (it makes your eyes look bigger and more awake) we also want the line to seamlessly grow from thin to thick. Take this time to re line the inner section of your eye. Beginning the  START of the thicker portion around the center of your eye. I always use my iris as a guide. Work as slowly and carefully as you need to. ONCE AGAIN: strokes not one big line.


As far as I’m concerned….the thicker and more dramatic your line is the more it will benefit from a set of flirty false lashes. Sometimes when the line is this thick and dramatic your lashes (unless you are one of those goddesses born with freakishly long lashes..in which case I hate you and don’t talk to me. kidding!…’ish 🙂 ) can almost get lost and look a little smaller and thinner by comparison. Me personally, I think the liner and bright lips look is just NOT complete without lashes but that’s one hundred percent up to you 🙂


I hope all this information was useful to you guys. REMEMBER: PRACTICE! Dont give up if you don’t get it right the first or even second time. This way of doing it is all about helping you understand how to compliment the shape of your eye and getting basic technique down that you can have fun with and make your own! 🙂 And feel free to use your eyeliner method of choice. Be it liquid, gel, or pencil.

If you have posted questions or inboxed me questions about makeup or products on my Facebook and I havent responded yet I am NOT ignoring you I am working on a blog post JUST for you and the inspiration your inquiry sparked 🙂

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I hope you guys are having an AMAZING day and gearing up for an AMAZING weekend.



4 responses to “Dramatic Winged Liner For Beginners

  1. I haven’t seen this technique before, I think I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing! When I do my winged liner I usually clean it up with foundation or concealer, I’m going to try makeup remover to see how I like it because I like your result, thanks again for sharing!

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