PRIME TIME! *eye primers*

Hello my funny little figs!

Ok….Hands down one of the most common questions I am asked is what eye primer I use.

And honestly…I use a few different ones. It all depends on the kind of look that I am trying to create. Think about it…when you are in the kitchen you don’t use the same pan to cook lasagna that you use to cook pork chops.

If you’re not the kind of person who likes to change-up their makeup look often then its really not necessary to have an arsenal of primers at your disposal. One good product will do you just fine. Since I’m a makeup artist I am always trying different ones to make sure i get the perfect finish and maximum amount of staying power. The last thing I need is to be busting a hump on a beautiful eye look just for it to crease or lose its vibrancy a few minutes after my hard work is done.

The main purpose of an eye primer is to create a barrier between your eyelid and your eye shadow. The reason your eye shadow creases or fades in the first place is your eyelids naturally produce oil the same way other parts of your face do. NOTE: If you DONT have a problem with oily skin that doesn’t mean you shouldnt use a primer. The other benefit’s are that it increases the longevity of your shadow AND makes the colors you use seem more vibrant and pigmented. A good primer can take even the cheapest brand of eye shadow and give it the extra punch it needs to stay in place all night while looking freshly applied and flawless. I cannot stress the importance of using a primer ENOUGH!

For the longest was almost impossible to find one that was not in the $20 price range. But in the past couple years the makeup gods have smiled upon us and delivered us some great drug store and wallet friendly options. That’s not to say some of the high-end ones ARENT worth the extra bucks but at least now you have the option to buy other kinds. Lucky you! 🙂

NOW: as far as TYPES of primers go. I’m going to discuss the two kinds I like to use..the ones I think are the best and the ones I think you definitely can skip over.

Lets get started

 These are the primers I would use on an everyday basis. The functionality is there but they don’t do anything heavy-duty like my “creamy primers” do. Which I will get into in a minute…

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) 1.) Painterly Paint Pot by MAC-I use this one whenever I am creating a look using only neutral colors. Browns, tans, champagne colors, and things of that nature. I find that I really like the opaque, flawless, skin toned canvas it creates on my lid. I heard a lot of talk before I bought it on how it was very difficult to work with made blending colors a bit of a challenge. I have never found that to be true BUT there is something to be said about learning how much you need and what too much of this looks like…if you use too much it can be problematic. This is intended to be a cream shadow…keep that in it does have a color to it. I would suggest going to MAC and asking an artist which shade is right for you. This one will not be a match for everyone. I also recommend storing them upside down so that they don’t dry out too quickly. 2.)Urban Decay primer potion: The cult classic for a reason. It comes in a super convenient squeeze tube. The one in the purple bottle is the original formula (there are four different kinds I believe). This stuff is great. If you buy a full size (not pro size) tube you can probably get by with having it for up to six months. Even if you use it every day. You don’t need a lot to get the job done AND it works amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I have fallen asleep with my makeup on ( I know I know..bad Whintey) and the next morning it looked EXACTLY the same. And I tend to be one of those ugly messy sleepers so that’s saying something. It has a transparent finish…so you can put ANY colors you want on top and it  wont change the nature of the shadow except it does enhance the vibrancy of the colors a bit. Whats not to love about that? 4.) ELF  Eyelid Primer. *SIGH* I recently picked this up in my ELF target haul I spoke about in an earlier post. POINT BLANK: I do NOT like this stuff. I don’t like the texture..I don’t like the color…and it creases your shadow immediately. Maybe I’ll give it another whirl….but I doubt it. All in all I think you guys can pass on this one. 5.)Palladio herbal eyeshadow primer: I first heard about this from Marlena of She said that the formula was VERY similar to that of the urban decay primer potion. Sounds great on paper..but I had to wonder if it was really true. Turns out: IT IS! It’s so similar that when I tried it out I put the Palladio on my left eye and the UDPP on my right eye and by the end of the day..I could tell no difference. Both lasted all day and both resisted creasing. You can pick this up at Sally’s for about $7.00. The only thing I DONT love about this product is the doe foot applicator. I prefer a squeeze tube because at the end of the day you tend to waste a lot of product because you just cant get ALL of it out. BUT since it is only $7.00 its easy for me to over look.

 On to what I call the creamy primer’s. The purpose of these primers (for me at least) is very specific and I DONT use them on an everyday basis for good reason. The consistency on all these are very thick…they are VERY opaque…and I only use them when I am creating a  vibrant more artistic editorial look on either myself for fun or on a model for a photo shoot. NOTE: Because of the extremely creamy texture of these products they take A LOT of getting used to. The main thing to remember is they do require a primer underneath them. Something like the Palladio or the UDPP is ideal because they are light and resist creasing and control oil on your lids. I don’t really consider these “primers” as much as I do eyeshadow bases.

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) 1.) NYX jumbo eye pencils. I can’t say enough about these. As you can see one of them is a mere little nub of what it once was. That’s the Jumbo Eye Pencil in MILK. This is a STARK white, richly pigmented,opaque, creamy eye shadow base. It took me quite some time to figure this out to be honest. Once again..these do take some getting used to. It’s all about learning how to distribute them evenly on your lid and finding the right amount that will stay put and POP those vibrant eye shadows without making  blending any more difficult for yourself. It just takes a little practice. But they come in TONS of colors and cost about $4.50 a pop. 2.)NYX eye shadow base in WHITE. I expected this one to be like a potted form of the NYX jumbo pencil in MILK that I am so in love with. And in a lot of ways it was. It still has the true white color base to it and it is a creamier product than my everyday primers. HOWEVER…it is much thinner and you do have to kind of build it in order to reach the same level of opacity. I recommend this for someone who is just getting started experimenting in primers like the ones I am talking about right now. 3.) Bitchslap Cosmetics corrector in LITE. This product is ACTUALLY  a concealor. The consistency is THICK and creamy. Probably more so than any of the other ones I have mentioned. Since it’s a concealor it’s not WHITE but a very pale flesh toned color. This one really gave me troubles at first. But after several attempts and lots of patience I FINALLY figured it out. The only thing I don’t like is if you get it too close to your eyebrows it tends to stick to the hairs and at that point there is really nothing you can do about it except wipe it all away and start over.

I hope all this information was useful to you guys 🙂 If you have posted questions or inboxed me questions about makeup or products on my Facebook and i havent responded yet I am NOT ignoring you I am working on a blog post JUST for you and the inspiration your inquiry sparked 🙂

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I hope you guys are having an AMAZING week and gearing up for an AMAZING weekend.




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