Splurge or Save blog series!

Hello my lovely little lilacs!

So here’s the skinny,

So far with my blog I have established a theme of budget conscious beauty. However, there are SO MANY ways to go about improving or growing your makeup collection that aren’t JUST limited to solely purchasing in-expensive items. .I don’t want you to get the impression that’s ALWAYS the only way or even the best way to go. I am committed to helping you spend your money wisely but still looking like the your  most gorgeous fabulous self. Because..I mean..who SAYS you can only do one or the other?  With that being said..I think its important that you learn where its smart to splurge and where its smart to save. Thus, how my newest (and first) blog series Splurge vs. Save came to be.

If your like me, nothing gets your blood pumping quite like discovering an AWESOME wallet friendly product. WHATS NOT TO LOVE!? You get to try a new item AND (if your lucky) you can get lots of them! But ladies….if Im just being honest…not all these bargain buys are really saving you any money OR time. Have you ever had a product…like a mascara. And you buy it andlove it, or maybe just LIKE it. You give it a whirl for a while..you may find lots of things you like about it…but you might find even more things you don’t. Maybe it doesn’t give you a lot by way of volume. Or maybe it flakes in the middle of the day. Or maybe it runs or wears off much too easily for you and your busy schedule. So you go buy a different one, then try a new another,  then another, then try a new eyelash curler. It’s just a never-ending process. BUT WHAT IF…you found your holy grail mascara!? The one that combines all the things you need one to do AND does it so well it shaves a huge chunk of time off your getting ready in the morning routine. Well you can and here’s how:

The amazing thing about beauty blogs and Youtube is they give you an endless supply of reviews,  pictures,  cheers, and jeers on pretty much ANY product on the market nowadays. I cannot stress the importance of utilizing the tools at your disposal to help you shop savvier and be MORE than thrilled with your purchases. All it takes is a little planning on your part and a few minutes to dedicate to research. And I will do my best to provide as much information as I can on products that I have either loved or hated to take both the guess-work out of it AND hopefully provide you with a one stop station for your product questions.

Once you learn what things are WORTH the extra money and which ones aren’t, it will change the way you shop AND the way you do your makeup. Ever since I started doing makeup people have always asked me what I use to do it. I can’t count how many times they automatically just ASSUME its MAC or other more expensive lines (but to be clear as far as high-end goes MAC is the better priced option) It was nice of them to say and all…but I started to realize that people just associate good quality makeup products with MAC. And I’m here to tell you…MAC IS AMAZING. But not EVERYTHING they make is amazing! Sorry to let the cat outta the bag…but until about two years ago most everything I used was drug store with maybe one or two exceptions. Some of my favorite YouTube guru’s are known for using in expensive products and brushes but mastering a technique that anyone can get down with a little practice.

My point is..there’s more than one way to skin a cat. And this blog series is dedicated to helping my lovely readers break some hearts WITHOUT breaking the bank.

Stick with me kids! We’re going places!

My first installment of this series will be: Makeup Forever HD foundation vs. Revlon Photoready foundation. So keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for all your support guys! It really does mean the world to me 🙂

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Have a great week guys!

WhitLove xoxxo

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