Makeup Forever HD vs Revlon Photoready


Of course I pick one of the more difficult subjects to use as my first Splurge vs. Save blog.

The reason I say this is because to most its an obvious choice….would you rather spend $11 or $43? And what in the world would make a liquid foundation so amazing, SO special, so earth shatteringly unique that it warrants a $43 price tag in the first place!?

I heard about the MakeupForever HD foundation about two years ago and naturally was asking the same exact question. Dont get me wrong, I was immediately intrigued by the HD in the title. Lets be honest, we all tend to flock to ANYTHING with the letters HD in it. Movies, TV shows, TV’s in general, cameras, video games, pictures…you name it we have to have it. It was only a matter of time before the cosmetic industry got in front of this thing. I personally don’t understand what the fascination with HD is. The idea of watching a movie or tv show that pics up things even my naked eye wouldn’t see is pointless. I mean, my parents (and their parents) made it through life just fine not having to stare at Jennifer Lopez’s pores during a trip to the local theatre for an hour and a half. And as a makeup artist…the concept of it is kind of nightmare! No matter how much you blend..there are somethings that you just CANT completely cover or erase from someones face. That’s why we have Photoshop. But if you can’t beat em….join em I always say.

BUT FIRST, before I gave the all mighty makeup forever a try…I decided to take the baby step of the Revlon Photoready. I think I started using this around summer of 2010. The ad I saw (feat. the breath-taking Halle Berry) is what initially sparked my intrigue. It boasted that the foundation provided you with a “soft focus” finish in any light. OK….anytime you see something that says “soft focus” or “light diffusing” in an ad that basically means the product has shimmer in it. If you have ever used the ORIGINAL formula of Bare Minerals foundation you know exactly what I mean. It uses the shimmer to kind of deflect light away from your face….giving you a glow and almost blurring out your flaws. This idea is always gorgeous in theory, but sometimes the execution can make you look almost like a glitter bomb exploded on the surface of your skin. As far as the Revlon goes…I had been using it for weeks and really loved it. At this point I wasnt using a face primer but hadn’t had ANY trouble what so ever with it fading or sliding off my face. And at the time I was a bartender at a VERY busy establishment so sweat was a normal part of my day and it still held up. So good. I didn’t realize how impressive the product was until I was leaving for work one day in the middle of the afternoon.  I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in one of the mirrors of the car and realized that even under the harsh bright lighting I looked FLAWLESS. At the time since I worked at night in a dark bar I was always a little more heavy-handed when it came to my makeup to compensate for the dim lights once I got to work. So usually if I stepped outside and the sun was shining it always looked a LITTLE heavy. But not this time….so the original ad came back in my head “soft focus in any light”. I was officially impressed. But…a perfect product it is NOT. First of all…last I checked there is only something like six or seven shades available. It’s not the end of the world you just may have to buy more than one and mix the two together to get your color. AND once again….it did have a shimmery quality… In photographs that was pretty much ALL you could see on my face…so i recommend a powder foundation on top to set it and kind of neutralize the effect. Something about all that shimmer will make the appearance of any pores you have on your face a little more visible. There is a technique using a dense stippling brush that usually helps me with that but even then…they are still visible.

On to the Makeup Forever…

Did it live up to the hype and the price tag? Abso-freakin-lutely. I have had the bottle I have now since Christmas of 2011. Since you don’t need very much of it…it’s not hard to let one bottle last you several months. I say you don’t need very much..but thats really up to you and the amount of coverage you like. The company describe it as a “sheer to buildable coverage product” and that statement is spot on. I..LOVE…THIS…STUFF. The idea behind it is..its supposed to be invisible to HD cameras. Since I tend to photograph the makeup I do on myself A LOT I can safely say that statement couldn’t be more true if it tried. The texture is a little thinner than the Revlon and not even close to as shimmery. In fact it isn’t at ALL. It’s a beautiful satin finish that literally erases flaws. I still use a color corrector under my eyes for dark circles but other than that I do NOT need concealor. As for the pores? Ummm….WHAT pores? That in itself makes it a miracle product to me. Lasting power? Check & Check. As I’m writing this I am wracking my brain sauce for problems with this foundation…and I honestly can’t think of a single one. It even comes in 25 beautiful I challenge you not to find one that matches you perfectly! OK OK….the final question…worth the ridiculous price tag? The short answer is yes. HOWEVER….its not something I think is realistic or necessary if your just going to the office or to run errands. In my line of work..its ideal. Even if you’re doing something like bartending where your picture tends to be taken ALL the time its not a bad idea to have. Other than that…I would save your money. BUT if you’re getting married, going to prom, or some other fabulous event where the camera lights will be flashing I would heavily HEAVILY consider the investment.

If you have any positive (or negative) experiences with these products I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on them.

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Have a great week everyone!



4 responses to “Makeup Forever HD vs Revlon Photoready

  1. I totally agree with it being difficult to find the right shade when there are only a few. I have pretty pale skin and often the drug store brands are not light enough. Does Sephora carry Makeup Forever? I’d be interested to try it and see if I can find the right color.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Fantastic post! I personally use MUFE’s foundation currently and am not sure I will ever be able to leave it now that I know how good it is. It worked out perfectly for my wedding too, what more could I ask for?!?

  3. I’ve been tempted to buy the photo ready foundation, I bought the eye primer and hate it. Glad I read this! Any other foundation that is good at hiding poles? Thats a problem I have.

  4. i used the forever hd foundation for prom & i dance a lot…it was amazing! i have very acne-prone skin but i fell asleep with it on and didn’t break out. i adore it. ❤

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