I have decided technology is not as simple and wonderful as we all think. Prepare yourself for the brutal and frightening truth.  I believe that in reality..somewhere far away (or not so far depending on your current geographic location) there is an island  near the equator that plays host to a gargantuan (love that word too Elle Driver) Kraken like scaly flesh-eating, blood drinking, bone sucking dragon.

Only it has six legs, two necks with two heads on each,  fire-breathing capabilities, acidy spit, long arms with anaconda like strength complete with sharp deadly venomous talons. It’s NAME is Technology. And the only way to keep it confined on the aforementioned tropical island paradise and away from you,me, and all our loved ones  is to ensure it remains  well fed and happy. What does it feed on you may be wondering? I’m glad you asked..

You know whenever you spend thirty minutes plus constructing an email or paper for school (or in my case a blog) on your computer/laptop/tablet and for no apparent reason WHAT SO EVER it just effin disappears?   Vanished into thin air like Enrique Iglesias’ face mole!  And you’ll never see it again..never! Because it has been ripped to shreds and gobbled up by TECHNOLOGY!!! Oh the horror! Oh the humanity!  your document is now one of many sad and un timely sacrifices to the   vicious and insatiable appetite of Technology. But fret not…your post apocalyptic-ninja-mafia-slasher- flick screen play did not perish in vain my friend. For the rest of the world can rest a little easier tonight knowing Technology will be kept at bay…for one more day at least. So yeah…YOUR WELCOME GUYS!

If you haven’t figured it out….I slaved over an effin blog post earlier today for…no….dang…reason! “But Whitney! Why don’t you just remember to save your work while your writing it as a draft just in case?” FUNFACT: the blog program I use has an auto draft save feature. Whether I like it or not it LITERALLY saves the document every five minutes AND will save it as a draft even if I click out of the program abruptly….so I am lead to believe.  HA! Nice try It’s CLEARLY  just a  paper-thin veneer of security designed to make us take our minds off the real problem here. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

And I don’t feel like re writing it again 😦 😦 so I’ll just get right into it the swatches and review using brief no frills bullet points. No witty intro or hilarious personal opinions or fun facts…….see what I just did there? Mwahahaha

  • I am going to share with you a review and some swatches of the Coastal Scents Smokey Palette. For two reasons…1. Because I honestly LOVE this product and use it ALL the time and 2. Because it is one of the prizes that will be part of the Makeup kit giveaway on my Facebook. “What giveaway?” *PSH* If you don’t know you need to ask somebody! Or scroll down a bit on my blog and you’ll see all the details and rules and regulations. 🙂 🙂 Oh yeah, and OBVIOUSLY I’m not going to give you the palette shown in the pictures below that’s my personal one. But I didn’t wanna buy I a new one just for swatching purposes and I clearly didn’t wanna use the winner’s palette as that would contaminate the product.
  • I have tons of Coastal  Scents palettes (thank you black Friday sale circa November 2011) and this is by far my favorite eyeshadow palette. I think that while all the palettes CS offers are unique, special, and beneficial to me in their own ways this one has the best collection of bright colors that are the best pigmented and most easily bendable.
  • The cool thing about this collection of 36 shades is that the palette itself is designed to be split up into six separate color families each used to create its own variation on your basic smokey eye…like this

 Obviously you can mix and match the colors however you darn well please but I think it makes it easier to learn how to create a variety of looks this way. As each “set” includes its own potential highlighter, crease, lid, and outer eye corner color’s.

  • FACT: EVERY SINGLE time I create a bright or colorful eye makeup look I am using a coastal scents palette. With the aid of a good primer you will literally be un unstoppable with a little bit of practice. People are constantly assuming I’m using MAC or something all the time but the TRUTH is there is A LOT out there in the great big wide world of makeup that MAC has no part of. DONT GET ME WRONG…I love MAC. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC. But it is important to know that there are other things out there to explore that can help you achieve the same professional looking final result. But I will get more in-depth with all that in later blogs so please stay posted 🙂
  • I do recommend using a primer with this palette (actually make that every time with ANY eye shadow you use) and one will also be included with the prize and I will fill you in more on that subject later 🙂

Lets take a look at some swatches…shall we?

I call this one the “autumn leaves” collection. NOTE: All swatches were done over my Painterly Paint Pot from MAC

 This is the green collection…its my second favorite 🙂 Next we move on to the purples. MY FAVORITE…clearly

Next is what I think of as the “Classic smokey” section. Your greys silvers and black are here These blues need no explanation 😉 🙂

And at last the pinks. NOTE: the two top shades were a little hard to photograph because they are intended to be a couple of very shimmery pink based highlighter colors.

I hope this blog was helpful to you 🙂

I hope you guys are having an amazing week and getting ready to have an amazing weekend!

I also hope that this entry doesnt disappear again and end up you-kn0w-where…..

Dont forget to subscribe to my BLOG and “LIKE” me on Facebook especially if you are interested in entering the give away. Thanks again for reading!


WhitLove xoxxo

4 responses to “COASTAL SCENTS SMOKEY PALETTE….and the TRUTH about technology

  1. Technology ate my post today too, I think its because It’s Friday 13th, I finished my shorts post, clicked publish and then only a 3rd of it appeared! It’s soul destroying having to re-do it so thought I would congratulate you on getting the post finished anyway, I was so annoyed when re-doing mine x

  2. I’ve been recently thinking about purchasing a warm coastal scents eyeshadow palette. The swatches look good and they are reasonable priced so I think I’m going to pick one up. Thanks for the post!

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