Sometime in the early months of last year I started prowling around the internet (BIG SHOCKER RIGHT?) looking for budget friendly makeup websites to help me find things to start my makeup kit. Which is no easy or in expensive task I assure you 😦

So there I was one chilly February evening making my way through countless YouTube videos on the subject when I came upon a lovely young woman who made a video on the best low-cost makeup products and websites. I wish so badly I had “favorited” the video or something that way I could share all her findings with you guys, but alas..I cannot 😦


One of the websites she made it a point to mention was that of a company called Medusa’s Makeup. Particularly this collection of lip glosses they had for sale on the site!

A collection of 12 super bright and funky colored lip glosses for $30!

I dunno about you but that’s a deal you can’t beat with a stick.

So needless to say I promptly placed my order. I ALSO ordered some of the eye dust  they had which I assume was their version of a pigment. I still havent used them much…doesnt mean they arent all that good it just means it may be something I need to revisit and play around some more with.  I ALSO ordered “the Fix” which is a wax based glitter adhesive that I was obsessed with until I ran out. It’s the best method I have ever found for adhering cosmetic glitter to your eyelid, lips, cheeks, WHEREVER. If you are a glitter enthusiast I highly recommend checking this one out.

Back to the Lipgloss:

Once again…all these were $30 bucks 🙂 FUNFACT: Each one has a distinct and  yummy “flavor to them” which I think is super fun. Lets take a look at some swatches shall we?

From left to right: 1. Sparkle mania-clear glitter and vanilla flavored 2.Whispers-irridecent violet and vanilla flavored. 3.French Kiss-medium pink and strawberry flavored 4.Conscious-Clear no flavor

From left to right 1. Loverboy-intense pink and bubblegum flavored 2.Bite me-Red. Watermelon Flavored 3.Smooch-salmon pink and strawberry flavored. 4.Rumors-true violet and grape flavored

 From left to right 1.Talk Talk-MAroon red and watermelon flavored 2. Gossip-Irridecent violet pink and grape flavored 3.Loud Mouth-Gold copper and tangerine flavored 4.Temptation-Deep eggplant and grape flavored.

There you have all twelve super pigmented super delicious smelling glosses. The texture is creamy but not sticky like the MAC lipglasses tend to be. I think these are GREAT over a bright-colored lipstick but they really are pigmented enough to use on their own with a lip liner. THE ONLY THING is…”Gossip” and “Rumors” do like kind of similar…”Rumors” is just a little more opaque. It doesn’t bother me at all but it is something to consider 🙂

All right guys ,

I hope this review helped you out.

Please check out if you get a chance. And if you have any of their other products please feel free to share which ones and your experience with them I would love to hear from you 🙂 🙂

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Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and thank you SO much for checking out my blog 🙂 🙂


WhitLove xoxxo


  1. Hey :), I’m from Scotland and had never heard of Medusa’s makeup before this post, I liked your review and will consider if I can get them when I next get paid.

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