Ok my amazing little apricots here’s the skinny on the contest, Rule number one: you must already have “liked” my page

Rule number two: Please see rule number one…its the only rule. 🙂 🙂 🙂

How to Enter:

1.All you have to do is either “share” my page on your Facebook page OR refer someone new to my page and have them “like” it. All they gotta do is click “like” then either send me a message or just post on my wall “referred by so and so”. For every “share” I see you do you get your name in the drawing. SO if you share five times your name goes in five times. For every “like” you refer to me your name goes in two times. So if you get me five likes your name goes in ten times. Easy right?

NOTE: if you do “share” make sure to tag my pages name that way it easier for me to keep up with how many times you do it so you get credit each time 🙂

THE PRIZE: I am putting together an awesome starter make up kit. If you have ever wanted to do makeup professionally OR just want to  have a lot of tools at your disposal so you can really play around with and experiment with your own makeup you are going to LOVE this. SO FAR: It includes a SMOKEY eye artist kit (a palette and some brushes), a 36 lipstick palette,  a Shadow Worx eye primer, and a camouflage concealer palette all from  I have all these things myself..they were actually the first things I bought when I was getting started on my kit and I LOVE all of them. The bigger the contest gets the more stuff I will add. I will keep you updated on each item that is added.  The contest starts today April 10th 2012 and ENDS may 10th 2012. You can enter at anytime. Inbox me any questions and good luck! 🙂

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