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As Im sitting here working on this entry I feel a lot like that poor, well intended, fashionably inept soul who wandered into their local TJ MAXX sometime in late 2010 and saw a rack full of dragon and tiger covered Ed Hardy goods, proceeded to  blow the better half of their paycheck, and promptly stock their closet with a veritable cornucopia of sequins, bright orange t-shirts, and trucker hats with skulls and panthers on them. But enough about failed club “promoters” and self-employed personal trainers….

MY POINT IS: I’m a little late in the game. This review has been done and done to death BUT I just HAVE to get my two cents in (which incidentally is my boyfriends “favorite” personality trait of mine).


For those of you who aren’t aware, Urban Decay released their Naked palette in summer 2010. The palette was an instant success selling out on urbandecay.com and Ulta and Sephora’s around the country. The palette spawned a new trend in the beauty world causing brand like Stila, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, and even NYX to mass produce their variation on a neutral palette. I’m not sure EXACTLY when the product was re stocked. but I do know that it took me MONTHS to see one in real life.

The fervor for this palette was over the idea of having 12 gorgeous neutral and universally flattering shades all in one compact and  reasonably priced place ($44 for twelve urban decay shadows and a mini primer potion isn’t half bad at all)

It probably looks pretty well-loved because I have had and been using it for a while now. But I instantly fell in love with it. It was a collection of everyday wearable’s but in true Urban Decay fashion they were anything but boring. Even just from  the names (like half baked and creep)  it was clear this was not your mammas neutral palette.

(from left to right) 1.Virgin and  2.Sin.  Each would make a beautiful highlight or inner corner/tear duct color. Or even all over the lid. Virgin is a little more of cream color and Sin has almost a pinky undertone (both shimmer) 3.Naked is one of only two matte shades in the palette. It’s a a light  medium brown which reminds me of Cork from MAC. 4.Sidecar is my favorite. It’s a SUPER shimmery light brown with the tiniest and most beautiful little flecks of silver glitter in it. 5.BUCK is a darker warm toned brown. Awesome crease color or brow filler. The second of the only two matte shades. 6. Half Baked is a true orange based gold color (shimmer)

 7. SMOG is a deeper colored version of half-baked with a pretty copper undertone. Urban Decay had a pigment called Smog and that I have and its exactly the same color and pigmentation. 8. Darkhorse is dark antiqued gold-colored shimmer shade with a deep brown undertone 9. Toasted is a medium copper penny color (shimmer) 10. Hustle is a more ashy toned dark brown (shimmer) 11. Creep is a shimmery black color and 12. Gunmetal is a sparkly blue based dark gray.

AND THEN..the most anticipated sequel of the new millenium came to be. NAKED 2 was released on urbandecay.com just in time for the Christmas season on December 1st 2011 and in true naked palette fashion was sold out in a matter of days (if that). And it wasnt to hit the shelves of any retailers until January 2012. What…the..eff.

Urban Decay released naked 2 under the premise that it was a cooler toned version of its predecessor. I don’t really find that to be true. I do like that it included three (to the originals two) matte shades. One was  a highlight and one was the black color. Instant excitement there.

 from left to right 1. Foxy is a matte cream-colored shade. Its nice to have but is the hardest to work with. 2. Half baked is a repeat from the fist Naked palette 3. Bootycall is a GORGEOUS champagne colored highlight color. 4. Chopper is a warmer version of Sidecar….it has more of a orangey undertone 5. Tease is a matte medium mauve toned brown 6. Snakebite is a DARK cool toned shimmery brown (kind of like Smog from Naked 1).  7. Suspect is another lighter cool toned shimmery shade (reminds me of All that Glitters from MAC) 8. Pistol (as the name suggests) is a shimmery gun-metal greay 9. Verve is a light silver (shimmer) 10. YDK is warm toned mauve brown (shimmer) 11.Busted is a dark maroon tinted brown (shimmery) and 12. Blackout is one of the DARKEST matte black colors I own.

FUNFACT: All the swatches were done with my MAC painterly paint pot underneath

All in all, I think these palettes (or at least one) is a MUST have. As far as which one I recommend more that’s all in your personal preference but i guarantee you wont be disappointed with either.

Both of them come in sleek sturdy packaging and makes them IDEAL for your travel makeup bag for out-of-town adventures.

I hope this review was helpful to you guys 🙂

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Have a great week  and I’ll check back in with soon! 🙂



2 responses to “LETS GET NAKED!!!!!!

  1. I gave in a couple months ago and got the Naked2… and I absolutely love it to death! I have been using it pretty much everyday that I wear make up! My favourite shades are suspect and snakebite! They make such a great combo!

    Thanks for the reviews! 🙂

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