NYX Lippies haul&review <3 <3 <3

Hello my silly little salamanders! I hope you all are having an absolutely amazing Easter weekend. I myself am not doing anything special really…where I moved to we don’t  have any family or anything so my boyfriend and I have just been lying low watching movies and such. There are definitely worse ways to spend a weekend 🙂

But my two packages I sent off for finally arrived! I don’t know about you guys…but I LOVE online shopping. I get exactly as excited for each and every package as I do before Christmas, my birthday, or the day before a well planned out awesome weekend get away….its just as excruciatingly divine! Then the day comes when your trusty FedEx man comes a knocking at your door. You swing that door open like Ed Macmahon himself is standing there holding a billion dollar check made out of unicorn fur. The sun seems a little shinier, the colors seem a little brighter, the birds sing a little sweeter..all is right with the world. You rush inside with your parcel tear that thing open with the fervor of a thousand angry, hungry badgers on meth and *ahhh* there it is. It CANT be just me that feels this way…cant it?

The package from NYX that I sent for began with an idea. I decided I was going to retire (for a little while at least)  my trade mark smokey eye (Im kinda known for it…well I like to think so at least) for a new fresh spring time look. I settled on bright pink lips, extreme winged liner, and fluffy long flirty lashes. So the hunt was on to find the perfect liner/lipstick/gloss combo. I decided I wanted Show Orchid from MAC paired with Magenta Lip Liner from MAC.

 But FUNFACT: Show Orchid is pro color. Luckily all you gotta do is ring up MAC and ask them to send it your way. The problem is that lipstick was literally the only thing I wanted from the Pro line and it felt like a lot of hustle and bustle just to get one item. I had not reached desperation level quite yet. AND the only MAC counter is a GOOD forty five-minute drive from me (including border patrol…twice) since I knew there wasnt anything else I needed from the mall just yet either..I decided to dupe search. For those of you who don’t know..dupe searching is when you enter the name of a popular high-end makeup item in a search engine a long with the word *dupe* to find all kinds of swatches or blogs or YouTube videos directing you to  similar and sometimes DEAD on other lipstick (or whatever) shades made by different brands. Its pretty great for things like dis continued items or a less expensive alternative. I found a few swatches from NYX and I decided to risk it and order a few of them…fingers crossed and very hopeful.

  I ordered five lip liners ($3.50 each) including the Magenta dupe “Purple Rain”. The other ones (in order from left to right) are 1. Purple Rain 2. Edge Pink 3.Dolly Pink 4. Hot Pink 5.Fucshia. Now here’s the thing. I am no stranger to NYX products. I have picked up a few from Ulta in the past and ordered some for my makeup kit. There are some that I love and some that are not so great. But what I do remember from my first time buying NYX lipliner from ULTA a few years ago is that I DID NOT like them. I thought that they were hard and not very pigmented and SUPER drying. BUT..it seemed like I was the only one who thought so. If you look up other reviews of them 9 times out of 10 they are just GLOWING. Especially considering how budget friendly they are and HOW MANY colors they come in (60 all together). So…I decided to give them another whack. And I dunno if I just got a bad batch or something from Ulta or what but these things are pretty legit!!!  the colors from left to right are 1.dolly pink 2.hot pink 3.edge pink 4.Fuchsia pink and 5. purple rain. The colors are VERY pigmented…very smooth…and pretty long-lasting. MAC still has a bit more by way of staying power…but not enough for it to bother me (or  feel the NEED to spend eleven dollars more). And as far as my dupe..Im very very happy with it. I think it’s just a LITTLE more on the purple side than Magenta but I can (happily) live with it. I know the colors in the middle look pretty similar…but in real life “Hot Pink” is a VERY true hot  pink…”Edge Pink” is also a hot pink but with a purple undertone and “Fucshia” is the darker one of the three with a more maroon undertone. And “dolly pink” reminds me a bit of “Saint Germain” lipstick from MAC.

 On to the NYX megashine Lip Gloss ($5.50)  (from left to right) 1.Salsa 2.Chandelier and 3. Dolly Pink. I have purchased several of these in the past and have ALWAYS loved them. They are SO pigmented and creamy. They arent super sticky and they have a pretty good  staying power on average. If you opt for a glittery shade the glitter isnt gritty on your lips but have a GORGEOUS shimmer to them. On top of that they are not drying and they come in 50 amazing shades…and not gonna lie..i want them ALL. THE ONLY thing is the smell. They smell a bit like cherry medecine…others have said cherry tootsie roll pops. Some people love it others hate it. I personally am not the biggest fan but I just tend to like sugary kind of smells as opposed to fruity.  (from top tp bottom) 1. Salsa is an AMAZING opaque nudey-pink color that I’m sure I would wear with a smokey eye or for just an every day look. 2.Chadelier is a sheer sparkly light pink with a lilac undertone. It does remind me a bit of Rags to Riches Dazzleglass from MAC. 3. Dollypink is NO JOKE. It’s the brightest most opaque hot fuchsia  pink lip gloss I have ever seen. It has no shimmer so it would be nice if you just wanted a glossy punch of solid pink color on your lips. To say I love this one is a bit of understatement.

 On to the NYX matte lipstick ($6.00). I have tried the NYX round lipstick and I did NOT like them. I didn’t wanna risk that one again. I thought the formula was too…..i dunno…oily? When I put it on it didn’t stay in place AT ALL…it just ended up alllll over my mouth and I wasnt crazy about the fact that the colors I bought were not opaque at all. I just was not impressed. But I do like a good matte lipstick I can add a bit of gloss or shimmer to should I feel so inclined and some of the swatches I saw lead me to  believe I was in Show Orchid territory.  I purchased Top-Shocking Pink and Bottom-Sweet Pink. Shocking Pink is gorgeous and vibrant. Sweet pink is just a shade or two darker..im not sure if you can even tell a difference at all on this pic. The formula is matte as the title indicates, VERY smooth, and VERY pigmented. It is a BIT drying but most matte formulas are just a little but it’s never something that bothers me enough not to wear them. Sweet Pink reminds me a little of Girl About Town from MAC. These are amazing and I will def be buying more of them.

 On to the Black Label Lipstick  ($7.50 each) which I was super interested in trying because its supposed to be the creme de la creme of all of them. Let me just tell you…a lot of things in this world are horse puckey, but this my friend..THIS is not one of them. The packaging is REALLY nice. I like that there is a clear part at the bottom to see the shade. And the formula..is…so…effin…CREAMY!! The only lipstick I have that is in any way close to this is my YSL which is like $34!! They are shiny…like a gloss is already built-in. I havent worn them out yet to give you the low down on the staying power but once I get a chance to play with all these products I will let you know what combos I like together AND how well they lasted 🙂  from left to right 1. Cancun pink 2. Hot Pink 3. That 70s Pink.

Cancun Pink is a true Barbie Pink. Very clean and no real detectable undertones. Hot pink is just that: a vibrant blue based hot pink. That 70s pink is VERY similar but it has like a purple iridescence to it..which makes it a freakishly amazing dupe for Show Orchid. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

All in all I love every single one of these products and every single color I got them in. So much so that I literally can not tell you which one is my favorite. I highly recommend you check out www.nyxcosmetics.com. The shipping is pretty fast and free if you spend $50 or more! I will have lots more NYX (and other makeup brands as well)  posts to come so be on the lookout for them 🙂

If you have any colors or NYX items you have a soft spot for please comment below! I would love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Easter everyone and thanks for hanging out with me for this blog entry 🙂 🙂



12 responses to “NYX Lippies haul&review <3 <3 <3

  1. These colours are so amazing. When I was in the US Winter 2010/2011 I fell in love with NYX. I picked up a few of the glitter cream palletes and couldn’t believe how long lasting they were.
    In Australia when cosmetics are this cheap, they’re poor quality and not worth buying. There are a few Australian sites that sell NYX but they don’t stock the full range of products.
    I can tell that I’m going to be spending a lot of money on makeup when I move to the US. T

  2. Hey, I’ve never ordered from NYX before (i live in the uk so its not in shops) , what items would you recommend me buying for the first time? Im thinking about ordering soon and id love your advice. 🙂

    • Def. everything I talked about here and whatever shades you think would suit you. The formulas are all amazing so you cant go wrong. I like the blushs too! I reach for them more than my MAC or my NARS most of the time..I also like the slide on eyeliner pencils and the JUMBO eye shadow pencils are great eye shadow bases. I’ll def have more swatches and reviews up soon though. Hope that helps! 🙂 thanks for checking out my blog!

      • Thank you, the advice does help. The reason I havent tried out NYX yet was because I didnt want to buy makeup that doesnt match up to my mac stuff etc. I will definately check out some blushes and lipglosses, Im thinking the lipliners too. Thanks again, and I love your blog!

  3. I love the Salsa lipgloss! It’s so pretty!! I have never tried any NYX lip products, but I am planning on getting a bunch of them when I go to the US!

    Thanks for the great swatches! 🙂

  4. ah! thank you so much for this; it’s extremely helpful! i appreciate your thoroughness. (found you while “dupe searching” Magenta lip liner)

  5. By any chance do you have nyx cosmetic mega chine lipgloss called, “purple rain”…..If so, would you sale it to me?? I’ve been looking everywhere for it and can’t find it….Please!!!

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