Spring cleaning for your hair!

It starts with a sneeze (in my case at least) then you catch a glimpse of a brightly dressed lad or lass at your local grocery store, you walk outside and where the clouds and gloom once hung over your head the sun shines and there is almost nary a cloud in the sky, you shed your hoodie and jeans for some shorts and a flirty top (after you get your tan on at least), drop the boots for flip flops and just like that *BAM* it’s officially spring!! I don’t know about you guys but nothing puts the pep in my step or sugar in my coffee quite like a good change of season..especially when its towards the warmer ones…I say this now at least. 🙂 Suddenly all I can think about is bright colors, working out to get pool side ready, and grilling out. I swear if they made a candle that smelled like “burgers on the bah-bie” I would have them covering every square inch of my apartment.

So I guess in the spirit of out with the old and in the with the new..i found myself obsessed with the idea of changing up my hair. For those of you who don’t know I have long (but thin *sad face*) medium dark brown hair..and I am a UBER fan of clip hair extensions (but that’s a whole ‘nother blog I’m actually very excited to post). So…suddenly I had it in my head that I was going to chop it off and *gasp* go sans extensions and *even bigger gasp* lighten and highlite my whole head. Something I could still curl and style…but still lite and bright. a la Katherine Heigel  Pretty right? I thought so at least….HOWEVER…the more I sat and thought about it I could think of no less than three thousand reasons why I shouldnt do it. Only reason I could think of to do it was “just to shake things up”. Ummmm…..no….no thanks…thats ok…I’ll start off with something a little smaller 🙂

So..I decided to just shake up my hair routine. Something about researching and then buying a new product makes me feel ALIVE. Buying a new product is like some weird energizing experience for me. Every lip gloss I buy is like a tiny trip to Tahiti in a fun travel size bottle. True story 🙂

I did a little roaming around the ol’ world wide web and found that OIL is the new big thing in hair care. That’s right oil. Argan oil, moroccan oil, and macadamia oil are the ones I kept running in to. All I could think is “HECKS YEAH! I cant wait to slather some greasy oil on my mane! How I have longed to reap the enormous benefits of a real life Soul Glo product!  Yesssiiirree where do I sign!?” BUT to my delight I found that there are enormous benefits to these oils…and believe me i researched them ALL. I will admit…none of the better versions of these products are any kind of budget friendly. That was something I was not prepared for at all. Plus it looked like to get my hands on the one that i decided I wanted (macadamia oil) I was going to have to order it online. Miss thang is A LOT of things i assure you but patient is NOT one of them.

And as if by some weird divine hair intervention i stumble into my local Albertsons-Sav On..and there next to the Paul Mitchel and then TIGI  it was! They had all of the line the Company offered (from what I could tell) I threw three of the items I was most interested in my basket (except the pure oil treatment…it was something like $43 and I figured I would just have to pass this time) purchased them and left the store head hung and tail between my legs. Because as I said before these things ARE a bit pricey. After my buyer’s remorse subsided I immediately began inspecting my new treasures and doing an always necessary sniff test. They all pass with flying colors. Before I know it im tearing off my clothes like im in a Harlequin romance novel and am in the shower checking out the goods (the hair products your dirty minded lil mango!)

I begin with the deep repair mask. It comes in tub like container and first impressions are pretty darn good! It smells very clean….a hint of green apple…like if Gain came out with a country green apple laundry detergent..in a good way! The package instructs me to leave it on for seven minutes. The texture is THICK….almost like that small tube of conditioner that comes with a box of store bought hair dye…but even thicker…even creamier.

My hair feels like it immediately soaked it up because by the time i just went to rinse it it already felt MUCH better. When it was dry….same thing. I felt like I had just left the salon after a shampoo. Where they slather on a whole heapin helping of god knows what all over my head…dont get me wrong..I love it. The instructions read I am to use it no more than twice a week…since my hair is pretty thin I have no problem heading this warning as it is easy for my hair to fall victim to conditioning treatment overload. But…I cant WAIT to use it again 🙂

Then, towel dry my tresses, comb them out and get ready for my next step

The nourishing leave in cream. This step makes me worry most of all. I’ve never left a leave in treatment in my hair before because I am so afraid of it getting greasy and being weighed down. So I use half a pump and distribute it only to my ends of my hair. So far..so good. It smells a little like the first product.. the consistency and pump style distributor reminds of a good quality hand lotion. My already revitalized feeling hair seems instantly  more silky and manageable. I know I’m throwing a lot of panten pro-v’ish adjectives your way but im serious…this stuff is LEGIT. The bottle says to just style as usual and its ok if I use it everyday. *PSH!* you don’t have to tell me twice! 🙂

  And finally the healing oil spray. Which I just kind of assumed when I purchased it was a spray formula of the healing oil treatment (the big daddy $43 one) that you could kinda use on wet hair or dry as a kind of styling agent to maximize smoothness and shine. To be honest the jury is kinda out on this one still. It was hard to tell just how effective it was at this point because my hair was just on a whole nother level of soft and deeply moisturized  . Not to say it didn’t do ANYTHING it added shine and such …but I think I will try on it a day when my hair is feeling kinda dry… or between deep conditioning treatment. I think it would work well on people whose hair is prone to the frizzies which I have no problems with because where I live there is no humidity. It smells AMAZING to me..it smells JUST LIKE “Skin so Soft” which is the thing that i loved the most. I WILL SAY..I did use it on my hair extensions and it did quite a bit for them. The set I have now is headed towards retirement (new ones on the way from a new company I cant wait to tell you guys about in a later post) so they are pretty dry and damaged. But this oil spray applied to the ends did WONDERS for them during my process of curling them. I sprayed a little when I was done for good measure and I swear to you they looked SO smooth and well hydrated. So for extension wearers i 100% recommend this stuff!!!!

*whew* I know what was a long one…but I really enjoyed these products and wanted to give you as much information as possible on them because they are so expensive…its almost HARD to justify spending that kind of money on something like this..believe me! I will say its worth it though. But if you are trying to decide which one to get if you are only feeling up to a single purchase i would go with the deep conditioning treatment. Its def the golden child of the group, the Michael Jackson, the Diana Ross of this hair care trio.

Thanks for checking out my blog and hope to see you crazy kids soon! 🙂

2 responses to “Spring cleaning for your hair!

  1. I have always wanted to try the Macadamian Oil products.. but they are just so darn pricey! I feel like I will eventually splurge on it since I have heard nothing but great reviews about them! Thanks for the detailed review! 🙂

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